Lettering Tutorial - Bristol

Lettering Tutorial, an inspiring platform which provides information about hand lettering and calligraphy is a side project run by Tam. For a number of years Tam has added content to a Lettering Tutorial web blog, including interviews with world famous artists like Jessica Hische and Jon Contino. However, Tam had the vision of growing Lettering Tutorial further by designing and creating a supporting Android mobile application. The Lettering Tutorial application parses API endpoints to provide the same content featured on the web blog but in a more mobile user friendly way. The application also features search functionality, the ability to customise the way in which articles are displayed, the ability to easily share articles and the ability to save favourite articles.

Project Information
Tools Used - Figma, Android Studio, Java, XML, JSON, SQLite and JSoup
Deliverables - Android application
Lettering Tutorial App Article Functionality Image
Lettering Tutorial App Favourite Articles Functionality Image
Lettering Tutorial App Article Feed Image
Lettering Tutorial App Article Image
Lettering Tutorial App Settings Image
Lettering Tutorial App Menu Image
Lettering Tutorial App Empty Favourites Image
Lettering Tutorial App Favourites Feed Image