Google & Udacity - US | Berlin

Tam was invited to help provide technical and design mentorship in Android mobile development to 20,000 Google scholarship holders from the EU, Egypt, Israel, Russia and Turkey. Tam helped new developers build mobile applications as they completed Android Basics content co-created by Udacity and Google. Tam facilitated live technical 'Ask Me Anything' support sessions, coached live video Hackathon sessions and led Study Jam sessions.

Tam is a dedicated professional who is continuously improving and expanding her already solid and impressive skill set.
She genuinely cares about the job and strives for quality in everything that she does.
Working with Tam is a delight, and she will be a great addition to any team.

- Jose Nieto | Google Developer Scholarship Lead Mentor

Project Information
Tools Used - Android Studio, Java, XML, SQLite, JSON, Slack, YouTube and Figma
Deliverables - Mentorship and coaching, support sessions, live Hackathon sessions and Study Jam sessions
Google Udacity Developer Challenge Scholarship Image