Triangle Networks - Bristol | Exeter

Tam has worked with Triangle Networks on many occasions, supporting the company with both design and development projects.
Recently, Triangle requested a new website which Tam designed and built with a strong focus on usability, simplicity and interaction. To engage users with significant content, the website features powerful ‘call to actions’, animations and interactive elements such as an internet speed comparison section. The website also saves inputted data to an existing customer management system and displays data parsed from an existing API.
In addition, Tam has designed a number of Triangle items for print, such as large signage and display panels, vouchers, tags, ads, flyers and cards.

Tam has provided Triangle expert advice and support for a number of years. A creative with real attention to detail, Tam clearly communicates a business’ personality, through imaginative design and development.
Tam delivers on projects and requests promptly, with no fuss but a sense of urgency. The quality of Tam’s work is very high, she is a thoughtful, considerate designer and developer with a professional approach to the digital requirements of our business.
I would recommend Tam to businesses of all size and need.

- Paul Anslow | Triangle Managing Director

Project Information
Design Direction - Tam Love
Tools Used - Figma, Affinity Designer, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, PHP, SQL and Amazon SES
Deliverables - Wireframes, prototypes, multi-page website, stationary, marketing material and signage design
Triangle Networks Website Hero Section
Triangle Networks Website Voice Section
Triangle Networks Website Gigabit Page
Triangle Networks Website Speed Comparison Section